TUC Radio

The Urban Culture was established to empower talent from all corners of Africa. The station has since evolved to a station that connects entrepreneurs across Africa, having fun whiles doing so.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is the only way to end the woes faced by Africa, and if Africans can unite to build startups that connect, as the saying goes “One dread-log is stronger than one hair”. Working together united in entrepreneurship we can make Africa the biggest economy of the world.

This is the reason The Urban Culture has transformed in this direction, to provide a platform for African entrepreneurs to connect and engage.

We believe that if you’re not having fun doing what you do, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

Our values:
– Have as much fun as possible.
– Everybody’s welcome.
– This is your home too.
– We are one Africa.

We exist to help you push your passion. We connect African entrepreneurs.
We are The Urban Culture and We’ just having fun – Connecting African Entrepreneurs!