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TUC Academy

Radio Broadcasting Short Course Certificate

Course fee

Normal Price: R7,595.00 (Payment in Full)

Your Payment options are:

  • Internet Banking Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Direct Deposit (at any FNB Bank Branch)
  • Cash (paid at one of our branches)

Course Introduction

Gain an understanding into the world of radio broadcasting and make a name for yourself. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of radio broadcasting, enough for you to kickstart your radion career with any bradcaster of your choice. It will also give you practical radio broadcasting experience.

Course Contents

Radio and Radio Stations

  • The structure of South African radio
  • A typical radio station, role players and functions performed
  • A radio station’s identity
  • Branding strategies

Programme Management

  • The programmes
  • Music programming
  • Speech programming
  • Audio imaging and production elements

Show Preparation

  • Outside broadcasts, knobs, buttons and switches
  • Competitions
  • The studio producer


  • The radio presenter
  • Your voice, the words
  • Your content
  • Humour on the radio
  • Teasing and trailing
  • Presenting programme items
  • Presenting music
  • Basic interviewing
  • The phone-in

Making a Demo

  • Understand what a demo is, and how to make one.
  • Write a script that can be used to produce a demo.

Course Prospects

Students could study further towards a formal qualification, or apply to local community radio stations for an internship.

Please enquire at your nearest TUC Academy branch for the prospectus containing information with regard to further studies.

Programme Type

The TUC Radio Broadcasting Short Course Certificate is a TUC short course, which is not an accredited NQF qualification.

Programme Duration

You should be able to complete this course within 3 months.

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 (Std. 10) or equivalent, or relevant work experience.

Student Assessment

You are required to complete and submit one written assignment and 40 hours practical experiece at our studios to the Academy for marking. All assignments must be successfully passed in order to obtain the award.

All students are encouraged to work on all the assignments that are in the study guide. However, students are required to submit compulsory assignments that are provided in the Study Programme. Only these compulsory assignments will be marked and accounted for to be included in the final mark.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your TUC Academy Radio Broadcasting Short Course Certificate.

*Non-credit bearing/Not aligned to NQF

Contact us at academy@tucradio.co.za or admin@tucradio.co.za