Join the Fam

Our aim is to enable you to live your passion. We however like to encourage you to build businesses around the station. We are available to help you grow your business in any way possible. So if you have an existing business or just an idea involving the station that you’d like to explore; our doors are open.

So whether you wanna build a business, passionate about this industry as a whole, you just want to gain experience or you simply want to showcase your God-given talent. The Urban Culture is your home. Connect with us. Share what it is you’re thinking and we will make it happen.

As you may have seen already from our values, err-body’s welcome. We strongly believe in the philosophy of “Each one teach one”. We empower you and expect you to empower others in return. That is our only ask from you.

So you wanna join the family? Get it together and get in touch. There’s so much fun to be had together.

The Urban Culture… u know this 🙂